Arizona 2022

Peoria HS

Peoria, AZ

Pocket Physical Therapy (Pocket PT)

PROJECT GOAL: Our purpose is to design a mobile phone app that includes coding to solve a problem in our community. Goals we have in mind are "ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all ages" using our PT app.

People who have suffered severe motor accidents that have trouble paying for rehabilitation through physical therapy. Our intended users who suffered a motor accident may have to pay large amount of medical bills with the addition of paying for the physical therapy sessions and insurance coverage. Our solution is to create an easy to use, effective app that will guide you through the process of helping yourself recover at home through advice and exercises made by the help of real physical therapists.

Marina Lemus and Aiden Rodriguezpopup

TEAM MEMBERS: Marina Lemus and Aiden Rodriguez

TEAM ADVISOR(S): David Hill, Jeff Sears

Alice Vail Middle School

Tucson, AZ

Text Lizard

PROJECT GOAL: The purpose this project intends to serve is to give non-verbal people or people with nonverbal episodes an easily accessible, easy to use way of communication, so they may have naturally constructed conversations, even with their handicap.

The people who will benefit from this problem are non-verbal people and people with non-verbal episodes. These are people that have a tough time speaking all the time, or in episodes. This can cause a major gap between them, and their peers that can have normal conversations, and make them feel left out. This app aspires to give these people a way to communicate easily and decrease daily challenges. We also hope to bring more awareness to the non-verbal community, as it is a community that is barely recognized, and a god amount of people do not even know exists.

Advisor Mollie Grove, Parker ؜Menjugas, ؜Isabelle ؜Konrad, Leslie؜ Duran,؜ Vincent؜ Wilsonpopup

TEAM MEMBERS: Advisor Mollie Grove, Parker ؜Menjugas, ؜Isabelle ؜Konrad, Leslie؜ Duran,؜ Vincent؜ Wilson

Rudy McCormick, Arizona 2022 MESA Director | Manny Leon, Bill Pike, Rules Committee | State Website

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