State Teams

NEDC 2024

Desert Shadows Middle School, Nogales, AZ
Peoria High School, Peoria, AZ

Rudecinda Sepulveda Dodson Middle School, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA (2ND OVERALL)
Santa Teresa High School, San Jose, CA (1ST OVERALL)

Greenbelt Middle School, Greenbelt, MD
Springbrook High School, Silver Spring, MD

New Mexico»
Chaparral Middle School, Chaparral, NM (3RD OVERALL)
nex+Gen Academy (High School), Albuquerque, NM (3RD OVERALL)

Alder Creek Middle School, Milwaukie, OR
Parkrose High School, Portland, OR

Rhode Island»
DelSesto Middle School, Providence, RI
Dr. Jorge Alvarez High School, Providence, RI

Rocky Mountain (CO)»
Warren Tech High School, Lakewood, CO

Churchill Junior High School, Salt Lake City, UT
Cottonwood High School, Murray, UT

Westwood Middle School, Spokane, WA (1ST OVERALL)
Chiawana High School, Pasco, WA (2ND OVERALL)

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