Arizona 2023

Santa Rita High School

Tucson, AZ

I Struggle Too

PROJECT GOAL: Our app intends to help students with mental health issues receive advice from students similar to them rather than the standard of normally receiving advice from an adult perspective. This project will address the access to mental health inequity.

High school is a stressful time. Many students struggle with their mental health, especially since COVID-19. We wanted to create an app that will connect students so that they can provide each other with advice on the issues they struggle with. Often when struggling, it’s more beneficial hearing what someone their age found helpful than a parent or guardian telling them. Many teens may not seek help with their mental health because of embarrassment or fear or may not have the ability to access professional mental health support, so we wanted to provide a safe space built for them.

Irving Andrade, Temple Dees, Arleigh Harrett, Cole Porterpopup

TEAM MEMBERS: Irving Andrade, Temple Dees, Arleigh Harrett, Cole Porter

TEAM ADVISOR(S): Beverly Foster

Desert Shadows Middle School

Tucson, AZ

AudioAlert! Smart Watch

PROJECT GOAL: Our goal is to make an affordable watch to notify deaf people when a noise happens. The deaf community faces the hardship of not hearing important alerts. The watch will assist them with their inability to hear the sounds. They will be aware of the alert and will be able to face the situation.

Deaf people face many challenges. One of the most important challenges is being exposed to accidents or dangerous situations. People with poor hearing are at increased risk for accidents. They are simply oblivious to all the surrounding noises which may cause a safety hazard or a simple alert. They wouldn’t know if something happened and if something did, they would not be able to act according to the situation. Our solution is to notify the users of our smart watch about the noises and sounds that they do not pick up so that they know what is happening in their surroundings.

Natalia Corella Moreno, Rebecca De La Torre, Sean Kosnik, Jose Ledezmapopup

TEAM MEMBERS: Natalia Corella Moreno, Rebecca De La Torre, Sean Kosnik, Jose Ledezma

TEAM ADVISOR(S): Savita Narang

Rudy McCormick, Arizona 2023 MESA Director | Manny Leon, Bill Pike, Rules Committee | State Website

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