California 2022

Costa Mesa HS

Costa Mesa, California

2nd Overall


PROJECT GOAL: Due to varying circumstances, children are sometimes left home alone with minimal communication from their parents. TaskBug provides families with a low-cost, portable, and effective solution, letting children 12 and under notify their parents of task completion or any alerts through our device to our app.

As exasperated through the COVID-19 pandemic, children growing in isolated environments may experience adverse effects on their mental health and development. This occurs more so in families, especially those in lower socioeconomic levels, where the parents often work all day to take care of their families and cannot afford as much quality time with their kids. This may impair their academic achievement and socioemotional development. Children require monitoring and care, and TaskBug relieves some of the everyday challenges faced by working parents, including reminders to complete tasks and to track such activities.

Sophia Catania, Lena Nguyen, Lucero Islaspopup

TEAM MEMBERS: Sophia Catania, Lena Nguyen, Lucero Islas

TEAM ADVISOR(S): Quang Nguyen

Orchard Park Middle School

Oakley, CA

3rd Overall


PROJECT GOAL: Therm-Alert’s solution to help outside workers is to alert them of any possible heat-stroke symptom. Therm-Alert notifies the worker and a loved one of the user's surface body temperature and heart rate during work. Thus, the user and or a loved can help the workers tend to the heatstroke symptoms.

The demographic who benefits from Therm-Alert are field and construction workers. These workers labor in very harsh working conditions which involve high temperatures and lack of shade. With climate change in the mix, this creates a breeding ground for heat-strokes. Heat-strokes can be fatal and create an enormous negative impact on a person’s health. They usually require hospitalization and since most migrant field workers have limited access to health care, the costs are very high financially. Therm-Alert hopes to lessen the health gap for these workers by ensuring an affordable device that will help them combat the threat of heat-stroke.

Bella Rose, Bethany Fumar, Natalia Cortez, Yaretzi Costilla-Gutierrezpopup

TEAM MEMBERS: Bella Rose, Bethany Fumar, Natalia Cortez, Yaretzi Costilla-Gutierrez

TEAM ADVISOR(S): Susan Caguyong

Thomas Ahn, California 2022 MESA Director | Beatrice Prieto, Rules Committee | State Website

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