California 2023

Santa Teresa High School

San Jose, CA

2nd Overall


PROJECT GOAL: In today’s society, drink spiking is a common recurring issue that people of all ages, specifically women, face with the fear of getting hurt. CoastHER is a low-cost, portable, and effective device that provides protection to those vulnerable at events, sending active alerts when movement is detected around their drinks.

According to a survey conducted by, 56% of women said they’ve unknowingly had their drinks spiked. Drink spiking occurs when a date-rape drug is slipped in a person’s drink. Consuming drugged drinks creates a risk of sexual assault attempts. Not only does this prevalent issue raise serious health and safety concerns, but it also frequently happens to young women, as 4 out of 5 victims are females aged under 24. CoastHER strives to promote safety by actively communicating when movement around the rim is detected. With our product, daughters, nieces, mothers, grandmothers and all women can be safe.

Michelle Nehorai, Riya Rajeevan, Ritika Samant, Shaylyn Tranpopup

TEAM MEMBERS: Michelle Nehorai, Riya Rajeevan, Ritika Samant, Shaylyn Tran

TEAM ADVISOR(S): Channy Cornejo


Mendota Junior High School

Mendota, CA

1st Overall


PROJECT GOAL: The purpose of FentaKNOW is to help lower Fentanyl’s impact on our community and help save lives. Our app will help by informing our community about the dangers of Fentanyl and help reduce fatalities.

The users whom will benefit from our app is the community of Mendota, who are fighting against Fentanyl’s impact. Two milligrams can fit on the tip of a pencil, making this drug extremely lethal. Residents face several inequities. Mendota is in a remote location; the nearest hospital is around one hour away. As a result, many casualties have occurred due to the lack of access to healthcare. The language barrier is one major inequity and many of our users are Spanish speakers, therefore we included a button in our app which changes the language into Spanish. Also, since many of our users may have undocumented status, they are afraid to reach for medical care. The inequity faced here is the lack of information: some users do not even know about or heard about fentanyl being used. FentaKNOW will address these inequities our community faces by providing information about Fentanyl. Therefore, users would know information like gaining access to the nearest Fentanyl antidote by having access to a direct google maps link and having an emergency button on their screen to call 911 if needed.

Jonathan Alfaro, Jimmy Fuentes, Gerardo Portillo Mendez, Anthony Trinidad Cisnerospopup

TEAM MEMBERS: Jonathan Alfaro, Jimmy Fuentes, Gerardo Portillo Mendez, Anthony Trinidad Cisneros

TEAM ADVISOR(S): Carlos Tamayo


Thomas Ahn, California 2023 MESA Director | Beatrice Prieto, Luis Topete, Rules Committee | State Website

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