California 2024

Santa Teresa High School

San Jose, CA

1st Overall

Speak2Script (S2S)

PROJECT GOAL: Speak2Script strives for a more inclusive environment by providing convenient, real-time, and accurate audio transcriptions, enhancing accessibility and enabling communication for the hearing impaired. S2S addresses inequalities faced by the deaf community by providing accessible communication methods. Currently, deaf individuals rely on inconvenient options like writing, typing, ASL, lip reading, and inaccurate transcription services. These barriers hinder social interaction, comprehension, and participation in conversations, affecting education and employment. S2S aligns with UNSDG target #10.3: "reduce inequalities and ensure equal opportunities," bridging communication gaps and promoting equality, inclusivity, and fairer societies. Inspired by our beloved deaf teacher, Mr. Lieberman, we chose to address this inequity. Our hope with S2S is to ease his communication struggles and offer a comprehensive solution for all hearing-impaired individuals.

Our proposed solution is a mobile application that will improve communication by providing a real-time transcription service for the deaf community. Key features: 1) Text-To-Speech (TTS): An essential feature for non-vocal users to confidently participate in conversations. 2) Real-time and accurate transcriptions: These features are powered by a machine learning model that is optimized and built into the app. 3) Saveable Conversations: Allows users to view any conversation they’ve transcribed in the past, as well as save it to their phones. This is not a feature that is currently available on any app in the market. 4) Offline mode: Available regardless of network status which allows the app to be useable in every setting With these features, Speak2Script will bridge the gap between the hearing and the deaf through its convenient and accessible features. By breaking down communication barriers, S2S will foster a more collaborative and diverse environment in both professional and educational settings.

 Eric C., Shreeya S., and James K.popup

TEAM MEMBERS: Eric C., Shreeya S., and James K.

TEAM ADVISOR(S): Ms. Cornejo, Ms. Ng


Dodson Middle School

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

2nd Overall

FBS Helper: An Arduino Car Safety System Paired with an App that Prevents the Negative Effects of Forgotten Baby Syndrome

PROJECT GOAL: We addressed U.N. SDG 3 of Good Health and Well-Being, specifically target 3.2 which focuses on limiting children from extremely preventable deaths. We focused on the cause of children being left in cars by stressed parents. This inequity was important to us due to how important children are for the future and hold growing minds. This inequity is also important as parents may not have access to af ordable medical equipment that is vital for their children, leading to thirty-eight innocent babies being regretfully lost annually in the U.S. from vehicular heatstroke, according to Jane Null at SJSU.

We solved the problem of Forgotten Baby Syndrome by creating a car seat safety system that alerts parents if they have forgotten their child in their car. We created a prototype system that is connected to a car seat. This device is both comfortable and safe for the child. We used various Arduino sensors like a door and load cell sensor that will help alert parents through an app if they forget their child. The app sends the parents a notification telling them if they forgot their child through its coded conditionals. Using door and load cell sensors, we detected if a child was still found in a car. If they are in a car, we would send an alert to the parent and make sure they take the child out. We are saving lives one by one by reminding parents to stay away from the hazards of heat stroke. The users can remember their children and make sure they can keep their families alive. This device is also more accessible and affordable to parents. Parents will be able to perform their different duties and make sure their children are safe.

Jhiliane I., Isabella G., Noreen A., and Chirsten G.popup

TEAM MEMBERS: Jhiliane I., Isabella G., Noreen A., and Chirsten G.



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