New Mexico 2022

nex+Gen Academy

Albuquerque, NM

1st Overall

MESA Mental Health Check Bot

PROJECT GOAL: MESA Mental Health Check’s objective is to help high school students experiencing mental health challenges communicate their needs to their teachers, counselor, nurse, or other school faculty. Additionally, it is a way to give access to free in-person counseling in real-time.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about one in three high school students experience mental health challenges, and only 10% receive counseling. This can impact their ability to learn in school, as well as create long-lasting problems that extend past high school. Our team addressed high school teen mental health by creating a discreet way for teens to communicate with teachers or counselors via Discord to obtain free on-demand counseling. Our users and school staff think it would be effective and recommended that we further develop and implement it in schools.

Luke Fletcher, Carly Salazar, Logan Slimppopup

TEAM MEMBERS: Luke Fletcher, Carly Salazar, Logan Slimp

TEAM ADVISOR(S): Laura White

Chaparral Middle School

Chaparral, NM

1st Overall

Smart Fire Alarm (SFA)

PROJECT GOAL: Our goal is to make an affordable smart-monitored fire alarm for low-income communities such as our own (Chaparral, NM). Our product's objective is to reduce the fire department’s response time by immediately alerting the homeowner and fire department, since mobile homes burn 2.5 times faster than regular homes.

Every year, people in Chaparral, NM lose their homes to fires. Chaparral has a population of 14,437 people, the average income in our community is $18,166 yearly. Over 70% of the homes in Chaparral are mobile homes. Most mobile homes don’t include built-in heating/cooling systems so our client, Samantha Portillo, purchased space heaters (one of the top causes for fires). Another problem is a lot of people don’t have properly working fire alarms. Purchasing monitored fire alarm systems costs too much. The major inequity being that Chaparral only has a volunteer fire department, delaying the response time.

David Garcia, Jessica Lara, Alessandro Marentes, Josue Salaispopup

TEAM MEMBERS: David Garcia, Jessica Lara, Alessandro Marentes, Josue Salais

TEAM ADVISOR(S): Rina Viramontes

Ling Faith-Heuertz, New Mexico 2022 MESA Director | Anita Gonzales, Rules Committee | State Website

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