Oregon 2023

Parkrose High School

Portland, OR

Climate Mitigator

PROJECT GOAL: Summers are scorching. Winters are freezing. People tend to forget about the homeless and the disproportionate effects of extreme weather. Few realize that they lack fans, heaters, or ways to dry out their wet clothing. Our goal: provide a low-cost, portable, and resilient product to help combat this inequity.

Homeless people are disproportionately affected by climate change, because they have no ability to simply get out of the heat or dry clothes when they get wet in the snow. The combination of cold and wet is particularly dangerous and often deadly. The Climate Mitigator creates a drying chamber for clothes. With our device, clothes could be dried in the winter, leading to a decrease in hypothermia-related deaths and increase in overall standard of living for the unhoused in the Portland area. This multipurpose tool gives homeless people the ability to meet these needs on their own.

Tyler Doby, Madeline Good, Coral Lee. Essey Shimbahripopup

TEAM MEMBERS: Tyler Doby, Madeline Good, Coral Lee. Essey Shimbahri

TEAM ADVISOR(S): Kerryn Henderson


Alder Creek Middle School

Milwaukie, OR

Sound Level Monitor

PROJECT GOAL: Milwaukie, Oregon doesn’t have enough sidewalks, and sustainable sidewalk materials are expensive and hard to get. Our project will record the noise levels of cars on roads without sidewalks in Milwaukie. Our clients can use the data that our device collects to decide which roads to prioritize when building sidewalks.

The people who will benefit from our project are the citizens of Milwaukie, Oregon. Many streets in Milwaukie lack sidewalks, which can make it hard to get around, especially if you have a mobility disability. However Milwaukie also wants to build sidewalks out of sustainable, eco-friendly materials, which are expensive. Milwaukie lacks the funding needed to put sidewalks on every street in Milwaukie. Our device will deduce which streets are hazardous and need priority. This will make it so that the streets who need sidewalks the most will receive the sidewalks they need, and some neighborhoods won’t be unfairly prioritized.

Lucy Broughton, Lily Fanning, Lucy Flowerdaypopup

TEAM MEMBERS: Lucy Broughton, Lily Fanning, Lucy Flowerday

TEAM ADVISOR(S): Jessica Augden

TBD, Oregon 2023 MESA Director | Kelli Garcia, Rules Committee | State Website

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