Oregon 2024

Parkrose High School

Portland, OR

Project RIVERS (Raising Insight Via Environmental Research for Salmon): a turbidity sensor stationed nearby rivers to advocate for conserving the health of salmon

PROJECT GOAL: It’s important that animals are protected–especially those underwater which go unseen. The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal of life below water addresses the concerns of inequity in our seas: pollution, overfishing, underdeveloped technology, lack of advocacy, etc. High turbidity levels pose a threat to all river-dwelling creatures, so our team immediately sought to educate ourselves; ultimately, we decided to collect data that would be beneficial for the conservation of salmon. Our team decided to tackle this issue because we understand our oceans are becoming more unsafe for the lives within it, and we had to conserve them.

Our team proposes to sense turbidity levels with as little human interference as possible. After multiple conversations about the importance of advocacy in promoting societal change, our team decided to embrace it with technology. The plan is to provide our client with valuable quantitative information that can be used to spread awareness. Being able to acknowledge the challenges salmon face with numbers that will inspire people to take action. Because technology is meant to reduce human intervention–the main cause of salmon decline–our team thought of a way to do so: have a retractable arm where our sensor is held onto. Our simple contraption will be controlled away from the location where it is placed. This lessens the risk of possible human interference with their habitat. To reduce the impact our device has on local wildlife, our sensor will be placed on a dock and dip into the water for 10 seconds, collecting data.We’ll have multiple contraptions instead of one on wheels. We want to collect data from salmon spawns, dam areas, and other differently elevated spots. This helps us understand where to focus our attention for organized safe removal and filtration to address the inequity salmon–and life below water–face.

Deagan E., Ryan N., Anne N., and Tyler D.popup

TEAM MEMBERS: Deagan E., Ryan N., Anne N., and Tyler D.

TEAM ADVISOR(S): Ms. Rondhuis

Alder Creek Middle School

Milwaukie, OR

Introducing the Kodak 1.0. Designed to Detect Motion and Track Lamprey Eels

PROJECT GOAL: Since time immemorial, Pacific Lamprey, the oldest living fish, have migrated to ancestral harvest lands. Now, the eel population is in decline. The inequity we're solving is gathering needed information to help our client, Gabe Shoeships, bring back the eels to their original homeland and restore their natural habitat. Due to Western barriers, lamprey eels have not accessed Tryon Creek, the land our client stewards, for more than 60 years. This clearly connects to the UN Sustainable Development Goal “Life Below Water,” (number 14) because we are trying to help the eels, which will help other animals in the ecosystem.

Our team’s solution to some of Gabe’s problems is to make a camera that can watch and record the eels. With the data that we gain, we will use it to see what eels are like and what environment they like to live in, we will be able to see what we have to fix to bring back the eels to their natural environment. We would be helping the eels of Tryon Creek and the environment. Our client Gabe is part of the Walla Walla and Cayuse tribes and eels are a big part of their culture and the ecosystem. An inequity the Cayuse and Walla Walla tribes face is that the eel population has been declining, and eels are a very important fish to these tribes. Our solution is to make a camera that can help us learn more about the lamprey, their movement, and how they act using a motion sensor. Our project would help the Walla Walla and Cayuse tribes keep track of the remaining eels, making sure that they are undisturbed by human contact. Solving this inequity will help the lamprey and prove how important of an impact they have on our environment and our client.

Alan DLCD., Alondra HM., Gigi Y., and Lucero GG.popup

TEAM MEMBERS: Alan DLCD., Alondra HM., Gigi Y., and Lucero GG.


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