Rhode Island 2023

Central Falls High School

Central Falls, RI

T.R.E.A.T (Troubles, Recognizing, Eating Disorder, Awareness, Treatment)

PROJECT GOAL: Our device’s objective is to create a wearable timer/alarm to remind people when to eat. The inequality being addressed is that individuals do not have time throughout their day due to their job/lifestyle, as well as struggling with disorders or disease, to intake the recommended amount of food.

Our project will benefit people who struggle with eating the necessary meals throughout the day. Keeping track of time may be difficult for some individuals with medical disorders who may need a reminder to guide them through the day and keep on a healthy eating schedule. We hope that this project is able to aid those individuals that need a reminder and support to eat throughout the day as this is how we will improve our societies mental and physical health. Our device addresses these inequities because it gives assistance by keeping people on schedule with their eating.

Gabriella Cruz, Ashley Esteban Lopez, Ariana Ruiz-Lopez, Berenice Trejo Zamudiopopup

TEAM MEMBERS: Gabriella Cruz, Ashley Esteban Lopez, Ariana Ruiz-Lopez, Berenice Trejo Zamudio

TEAM ADVISOR(S): Alison Murray

Kees de Groot, Rhode Island 2023 MESA Director | Walter Muelling, Rules Committee | State Website

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