Rocky Mountain (CO) 2024

Warren Tech High School

Lakewood, CO


PROJECT GOAL: A household has a large energy bill with little access to sunlight, making the implementation of solar power impractical. The residents want to pay less for their energy while still using renewable energy. We chose this inequity because there are areas where sunlight is not prevalent. This addresses the UN Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy.

We are proposing the implementation of a power generating hydroelectric turbine on the water intake from the city main line to the residential plumbing. This would passively generate energy whenever residents use water in their house. The main downside to this would be a sacrifice in water pressure but this could be counteracted by using smaller faucet heads or potentially minimized in the future by developments in our design.

Thomas M., Michael J., and Jacob D.popup

TEAM MEMBERS: Thomas M., Michael J., and Jacob D.


Cynthia Howell, Rocky Mountain (CO) 2024 MESA Director | Danielle Ladd, Rules Committee | State Website

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