Rocky Mountain (CO) 2023

Broomfield High School

Broomfield, CO

1st Overall

Fighting Hunger One Click at a Time

PROJECT GOAL: The Broomfield FISH App seeks to overcome the language inequities of the users of Broomfield FISH (Fellowship in Serving Humanity), our local food bank, to share shopping instructions with users along with breaking the barrier of communication by providing users with a calendar, donation information, and FISH’s high needs items.

According to the US Census Bureau, about 11.6 percent of the United States live below the poverty line. That is about 37.9 million people. Our project exists to help those with food scarcity or financial problems in our community. Created for those who are already tackling the problem, FISH, our app allows them to more-effectively serve the needs of their users. With our app’s launch, FISH has not only been able to improve communication, but also break the language barrier between themselves and users. Additionally, the app can be catered to both domestic and international food banks.

Glori Erichson, Landon Wood, Ethan Dorman, Coleman Eschenbrennerpopup

TEAM MEMBERS: Glori Erichson, Landon Wood, Ethan Dorman, Coleman Eschenbrenner

TEAM ADVISOR(S): Chris Keller


Cynthia Howell, Rocky Mountain (CO) 2023 MESA Director | Danielle Ladd, Rules Committee | State Website

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