Utah 2022

Skyline HS

Salt Lake City, UT

Reducing the Cost of Utility Usage Globally Through Increasing Accessibility to Utility Tracking Information

PROJECT GOAL: The project’s main purpose is to assist low income-families or homeowners with utility payments. Our advanced systems help the user in identifying cost-cutting opportunities.

While our device would help families across the US, the primary demographic that would benefit from our product is low-income communities. This is because families in these communities struggle to pay their utilities at the end of the month due to being unaware of their energy and water usage. Our product would help them monitor their usage and stay within their limit so that they aren’t overcharged at the end of the month. Middle-class families would benefit from our product because it would help them discover sources of overuse and reduce their bills as well as help the environment.

Vivek Anandh, Nickolas Zhao, Rulyu Zhang, Adrian Sucahyopopup

TEAM MEMBERS: Vivek Anandh, Nickolas Zhao, Rulyu Zhang, Adrian Sucahyo

TEAM ADVISOR(S): Mark Jasumback

Rebecca Ibarra, Utah 2022 MESA Director | Dr. Paul Ross, Rebecca Ibarra, Rules Committee | State Website

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