Utah 2023

Cottonwood High School

Murray, UT


PROJECT GOAL: The inequality being addressed is indoor air pollution, which particularly affects low-income households, children, and elderly. Our project intends to improve indoor air quality by using our device to automatically open windows once detecting harmful indoor air pollutants and automatically opening windows, thus promoting one’s health in an accessible way.

Our product is considerably helpful for children, elderly, and people in low-income households. The product can automatically open your window once it detects harmful air levels, promoting air quality in low-income households who tend to live near industrial facilities or high-traffic roads. It also benefits elderly and children who are vulnerable to health problems, such as cardiovascular or respiratory diseases. These diseases become worse when exposed to polluted air, so by making the product accessible, we can help ensure that all communities have access to technology that improves indoor air pollution regardless of their age or income.

Nour Alsabsabe, Siona Cook, Jessica Pereira da Fonseca, Diana Trifanenkovapopup

TEAM MEMBERS: Nour Alsabsabe, Siona Cook, Jessica Pereira da Fonseca, Diana Trifanenkova



Churchill Junior High School

Millcreek, UT

The Helping Hat

PROJECT GOAL: Assisting the visually impaired in navigating modern hallways, streets, and life. The Helping Hat uses echolocation to “see” low-hanging branches, signs, and cabinets. This is a modern solution to current designs (sighted friends, white canes, and service dogs.)

Interviewing blind students at the Utah School for the Deaf and Blind we found four major problems: 1) Trying to include them in a game of catch when the blind cannot see the ball. 2) Difficulties getting to work because they cannot drive. 3) Difficulties with detecting high-up objects like low-hanging branches or low doorways. This is because their white canes can only “see” obstacles on the ground. 4) Feeling that people can be ignorant regarding their abilities.

Marco Dalcanto, Andrew Larsen, Nina Mankouski, Hayes Rollerpopup

TEAM MEMBERS: Marco Dalcanto, Andrew Larsen, Nina Mankouski, Hayes Roller


Rebecca Ibarra, Utah 2023 MESA Director | Rebecca Ibarra, Rules Committee | State Website

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