Washington 2022

Chiawana HS

Pasco, WA

JAM: A Multilingual Electronic Traffic Sign

PROJECT GOAL: Our project intends to address the inequity non-English speakers face by displaying messages on electronic traffic signs in different languages to ensure all drivers are informed of emergency and road updates in our community.

Traffic signs in our community are currently displayed in English only creating an inequity for people that cannot read in English. Any non-English speaking individuals can benefit from this project because the signs will display the most common languages in our community such as Spanish and Russian, along with images for those that are illiterate. In our school district, there are over 65% of students that either do not speak or communicate well in English. In addition, about 18.7% of people in the US are Latinos, potentially making the amount of people on the road who can’t read in English, dangerously high. There are also 32 million adults in the US who just can’t read in general, our signs would also be able to display images to help them.

Juan Galvan, Alex Avalos, Marcelo Hernandezpopup

TEAM MEMBERS: Juan Galvan, Alex Avalos, Marcelo Hernandez

TEAM ADVISOR(S): Jeff Albertson, Kentin Alford

Cheney MS

Cheney, WA

Seek Shelter Alert System

PROJECT GOAL: Our project is made to help individuals experiencing homelessness know when to seek shelter when the temperatures are dropping and rising to dangerous levels.

Over 150 people experiencing homelessness have died on the streets due to extreme weather this year in the Spokane, WA area. Our prototype is going to help individuals experiencing homelessness find shelter when temperatures become too extreme the buzzer will alert the individuals to get up and get moving or get up and find a shelter.

Gracie Day, Annika Palmer, Layla Shepard, Daylynn Newbillpopup

TEAM MEMBERS: Gracie Day, Annika Palmer, Layla Shepard, Daylynn Newbill

TEAM ADVISOR(S): Emily Audet

Gregory King, Washington 2022 MESA Director | Liz Stephens, Rules Committee | State Website

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