Washington 2023

Chiawana High School

Pasco, WA

ARCUB: The Autonomous River Clean-Up Boat

PROJECT GOAL: Plastic materials breakdown in our waterways, causing a health inequity which affects a large population in our community. Our project intends to solve this inequity by moving through the water and collecting these plastics from the river before they can breakdown.

Microplastics are very harmful to the environment and affect humans by polluting water and poisoning aquatic creatures and plant life, creating a health inequity to the human end user. This inequity is extremely relevant to us as our community heavily depends on our local river systems. To address this issue, our team created the ARCUB which removes these dangerous microplastics at their source: the larger pieces of plastic waste found in our rivers. Farmers, fisherman and families within our community will benefit from the ARCUB’s cost effective and efficient methods of ensuring that water and food sources from our local rivers are safe and clean.

Bradley Caulfield, Ryan Abastillaspopup

TEAM MEMBERS: Bradley Caulfield, Ryan Abastillas

TEAM ADVISOR(S): Kentin Alford

Hazel Wolf K-8 STEM School

Seattle, WA


PROJECT GOAL: Our user experiences social inequity at mealtime because eating habits force them to eat in isolation instead of with their friends. Our game allows the user to need less help from caregivers, have less anxiety about their eating behaviors, and can enjoy eating with their friends, making mealtime more equitable.

Users with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) frequently suffer from Binge Eating Disorder. Some challenges include aspiration, choking, weight gain, vomiting, insulin resistance, and mostly social isolation. They face inequities of being separated from their friends at mealtime because their eating behaviors aren’t socially accepted and also because they need extra caretakers watching for health issues. Our solution allows the user to slow down their eating by playing a fun game. The user enjoys mealtime with less help from a caregiver and can eat in a more social atmosphere with less health problems.

Sebastian Krebs, Anish Naraynan, Sam Jacobs, Oliver Krebspopup

TEAM MEMBERS: Sebastian Krebs, Anish Naraynan, Sam Jacobs, Oliver Krebs

TEAM ADVISOR(S): Beverly Ferguson


Gregory King, Washington 2023 MESA Director | Liz Stephens, Rules Committee | State Website

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