Oregon 2022

Parkrose HS

Portland, OR

Mobile Locker System

PROJECT GOAL: To create a movable locker system that provides a confidential, convenient, and safe way to distribute food from the Parkrose Provides food pantry at Parkrose High School to students and their families. Currently, students collect backpacks from teachers, which can be embarrassing and prevents some students from accessing the support.

At Parkrose High School, 71% of our students qualify for free and reduced lunch. The pandemic has made this issue worse and causes children to need extra provisions to make it through these difficult times. Food banks help alleviate some of the problems, but it can be hard for students to travel the distance. Using our existing school food pantry that is run by students for the students, we strive to create a prototype that helps us make that process more confidential. Nobody needs to know if you don’t want them to!

Essay Shimbahri, Tyler Doby, Aron Habtermarian, George Baker Salcedopopup

TEAM MEMBERS: Essay Shimbahri, Tyler Doby, Aron Habtermarian, George Baker Salcedo

TEAM ADVISOR(S): Kerryn Henderson

Brixner JHS

Klamath Falls, OR

The Auto-Tunnel

PROJECT GOAL: The Auto-Tunnel is designed to move over the top of crops to prolong or jump start their season. High tunnels also regulate the conditions that crops experience, such as sunlight or humidity, to guarantee a good crop season.

The Auto-Tunnel intends to break barriers that come with farming. We specifically address women, disabled, and independent farmers, however, it benefits everyone. Farmers meet very physical demands, especially with heavy equipment. We aim to fully automate a high tunnel, so farmers don’t have to physically push a high tunnel into place. Our project will help open up who can be a farmer.

Stephanie Castaneda, Leah Bartlettpopup

TEAM MEMBERS: Stephanie Castaneda, Leah Bartlett

TEAM ADVISOR(S): Kara Contreras

Tong Zhang, PhD, Oregon 2022 MESA Director | Kelli Garcia, Rules Committee | State Website

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