Rocky Mountain (CO) 2022

Denver East High School

Denver, CO

3rd Overall

ADHD ReFocus Wristband

PROJECT GOAL: Our project aims to help address inequalities created by disruptive behaviors in the classroom so that students can refocus in a private, more direct manner, through a neutral vibrating sensation on their wrist, instead of being called out verbally in front of their peers.

Currently, 1st-5th grade neurodiverse and neurotypical students with and without learning disabilities, especially those with ADHD, struggle to pay attention in class, causing them to be continually reprimanded in front of their peers. When students are constantly called out it can chip away at a child’s self esteem and instead of curbing the inattentive behavior it can exacerbate it until the student’s only input is negative attention created by the outbursts. Thus, at a young age, students begin to feel that they’re not as good at school as their peers. Our device—a vibrating wristband—will connect via an app on the teacher’s phone or computer and will provide a neutral redirection to unfocused students. Teachers can send students a light vibrating sensation to the student’s wristband which allows teachers to redirect students without calling them out in front of their peers, removing students from a cycle of public reproach. This will minimize the barriers that neurodiverse and easily distracted students currently face, as they will no longer be constantly humiliated in front of their peers for behaviors they can’t control, which will raise their confidence and keep the learning environment more focused and productive for all.

Oliver Mufic, Aidan Hodgin, Ellison Mucharsky, Marcus Burnettpopup

TEAM MEMBERS: Oliver Mufic, Aidan Hodgin, Ellison Mucharsky, Marcus Burnett


Cynthia Howell, Rocky Mountain (CO) 2022 MESA Director | Dr. Christian Beren, Rules Committee | State Website

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